Renew (or Start) Your HC Membership!

Ready to curl again (or for the first time)? Ready to curl on dedicated ice? Beginning June 19th, HC will open membership renewals (and new membership). Visit our Membership section to renew or join.

There are several new changes you should be aware of:

  1. HC membership required to participate in leagues, including at our new home at SCCC.
  2. HC membership no longer includes USCA membership. USCA has decided to collect membership fees directly from individuals. Our membership prices have been reduced accordingly. Note: USCA membership is required for HC members.
  3. The HC membership period is now annual, based on when you joined or renewed. So, if you join/renew today, it will be good for one calendar year. If rates change during your current membership period, the new rate will be applied upon renewal.

We encourage you to join or renew today, or ASAP so you will be ready to register for upcoming leagues at our new dedicaed ice facility.