Join Hollywood Curling and become a part of the biggest curling community in Southern California. Your membership dues will support us as we develop the sport in our local community—we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization run entirely by volunteers. Membership is required to play in curling leagues.

Membership Types

Price per year$73$26
Ages18 or older17 or younger
Attend social events and member meetingsYes ✅Yes ✅
Custom Nametag1Yes ✅Yes ✅
Play in Hollywood Curling leagues2Yes ✅Yes ✅
Substitute in Hollywood Curling leagues2Yes ✅Yes ✅
Membership in MoPacYes ✅Yes ✅
Membership in USA CurlingYes ✅Yes ✅
Eligible for playdowns and competitionsYes ✅Yes ✅
Eligible for USA Curling certification programsYes ✅Yes ✅
Digital subscription to Curling NewsYes ✅Yes ✅
Vote in Hollywood Curling electionsYes ✅Yes ✅
Run for election for the Board of DirectorsYes ✅No ⛔️

1Limit one nametag per member per design revision. Replacement nametags can be purchased for $10.
2Additional per-league and sub fees apply.

Cost Details

We try to keep our dues low so that membership remains accessible to as many people as possible. Here is a breakdown of where your membership fee goes.

USA Curling Membership-$34-$17
MoPac Membership-$5-$5
Hollywood Curling keeps:$24-$6

We rely on additional donations and fundraising events (like bonspiels) to sustain our operations. If you are able, we appreciate your additional contributions, and our membership registration form has a field where you can enter an additional donation amount.