Join Hollywood Curling and become a part of the biggest curling community in Southern California. Your membership dues will support us as we develop the sport in our local community—we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization run entirely by volunteers. Membership is required to play in curling leagues at SCCC.

Membership Types

Price per year$39$9$29
Additional USA Curling Dues1$34$17$10
Ages18 or older17 or younger18 or older
Attend social events and member meetingsYes ✅Yes ✅Yes ✅
Custom Nametag2Yes ✅Yes ✅Yes ✅
Play in Hollywood Curling leagues3Yes ✅Yes ✅No ⛔️
Substitute in Hollywood Curling leagues3Yes ✅Yes ✅No ⛔️
Membership in MoPacYes ✅Yes ✅Yes ✅
Membership in USA CurlingYes ✅Yes ✅Yes ✅
Eligible for playdowns and competitionsYes ✅Yes ✅No ⛔️
Eligible for USA Curling certification programsYes ✅Yes ✅Yes ✅
Digital subscription to Curling NewsYes ✅Yes ✅Yes ✅
Vote in Hollywood Curling electionsYes ✅Yes ✅Yes ✅
Run for election for the Board of DirectorsYes ✅No ⛔️Yes ✅

1USA Curling dues are subject to change and must be paid directly to USA Curling through their MyUSACurling Sport:80 platform.
2Limit one nametag per member per design revision. Replacement nametags can be purchased for $10.
3Additional per-league and sub fees apply, to be collected directly by SCCC.

Cost Details

We try to keep our dues low so that membership remains accessible to as many people as possible. Here is a breakdown of where your membership fee goes.

MoPac Membership-$5-$5-$5
Hollywood Curling keeps:$24-$6$14

We rely on additional donations and fundraising events (like bonspiels) to sustain our operations. If you are able, we appreciate your additional contributions, and our membership registration form has a field where you can enter an additional donation amount.