We have compiled a list of questions you might have as a current or prospective member of Hollywood Curling. Have a question not listed here? Email us at info@hollywoodcurling.org.


What does it mean that “SCCC is the home of Hollywood Curling”?

SCCC is the owner and operator of the dedicated ice facility that is the official home of HC. While HC hosts events and curling activities throughout Southern CA at various venues, we are proud to call SCCC our home and the main location of our leagues.

SCCC is a for-profit company founded by Hollywood Curling members to offer a premiere curling experience and is the first dedicated ice facility in SoCal. SCCC is located in Vernon and the facility offers an incredible SIX sheets (most clubs have 3-4 sheets).

Hollywood Curling (HC) has been a nonprofit curling club since 2007, curling at various locations throughout SoCal. Run by volunteers, HC is a member of the United States Curling Association (USCA) and the Mountain Pacific Curling Association (MoPac). We are constantly striving to grow our program and to promote the sport of curling.

What is “dedicated ice” (and what makes it so cool)?

Especially in CA, most curlers play at ice rinks, or “arena ice.” But since curling is a precision sport, conditions on arena ice can be highly unpredictable or end up causing the rocks to slide to one side of the ice rink. It’s like drinking wine out of a box. You can try it and it kind of works; it’s still wine, albeit with a side of regret and questions about one’s life choices.

Dedicated ice is great for both beginners and experienced curlers. Beginners will better see the distinctive “curling” of the stones and learn better fundamentals from the start. Experienced curlers will be rewarded for their precision and skill. HC is the only club in SoCal that has a dedicated ice facility as its home.

Oh, and dedicated ice is cool because when liquid water changes to a solid state, its temperature is cooler (unlike that warm box of wine you bought). Duh.


How do I join a league?

In order to play in a league, you must be an HC member. To sign up, visit our Member section of the website. You can register for leagues at the SCCC website . Please note that during registration, you will need to indicate that your membership is current, which will later be verfied.

Who sets the prices for leagues at SCCC?

League fees are set and collected solely by SCCC. HC only determines the league format and schedule of the leagues it runs. Pricing information can be found on the SCCC website under Leagues and Unlimited Passes.

Do I have to be a member to play in a league?

Yes, all leagues at SCCC, except those operated by Orange County Curling Club, require membership in Hollywood Curling—even leagues operated by SCCC staff rather than HC volunteers.

Who runs the leagues?

While leagues require HC membership, leagues may be managed by HC or SCCC. The league manager will be in touch with league members regarding teams, schedules, format, score reporting and serves as the point of contact should you have any questions during league play or before/after.

I don’t have teammates for a full team, can I still play in a league?

Definitely! Most curlers, especially when starting out, join leagues as individual “free-agents” and you’ll be matched with a team. If you’re a newer curler, we try to match you with more experienced curlers. We encourage our members to try out various league formats, especially those geared for newer curlers, and to get to know other members looking for teammates.

Will there be leagues in other locations, like Valencia, Pasadena, or Palos Verdes?

We loved offering curling at various locations, but until further notice, our leagues will be held at SCCC. It’s a much better venue and allows us to focus on providing the best curling experience.

However, near the Winter Olympics, we offer pop-up clinics or group lessons at various locations to help people experience what curling is like.

What health & safety precautions are you taking now that curling and other activities have resumed?

Both HC and SCCC are strongly committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for curling. We follow relevant health directives and policies of government agencies and curling associations as well as developing our own policies and procedures that we feel best serve our curlers. Specific policies (such as masks, changes to curling rules) will be communicated to curlers as needed.


Do I have to be a HC member to play in a league?

Yes, all leagues at SCCC, except those operated by Orange County Curling Club, require membership in Hollywood Curling—even leagues operated by SCCC staff rather than HC volunteers. Please note that during registration, you will need to indicate that your membership is current, which will later be verfied.

Why does Hollywood Curling charge membership dues and where does the money go?

For an adult membership, about 40% of our dues are passed on to our regional curling association, MoPac, or to cover costs related to membership. The adult membership also helps cover the cost of our junior membership, allowing us to offer it at below-cost for our next generation of curlers. We try to keep membership fees as low as possible while still providing needed income for our operations. Donations are much appreciated so we can offer programs for a variety of curlers.

What is the USCA membership fee for?

Until the new HC membership year in summer 2021, HC collected the required US Curling Association (USCA) membership fee as part of our membership. In summer 2021, USCA will require curlers to pay their USCA membership fee directly to USCA. As a result, HC adjusted the HC membership fee to reflect this change.

USA Curling dues will be paid directly to USA Curling through their MyUSACurling Sport:80 platform. The system isn’t quite ready yet—we hope to provide more information in August 2021.

During the 2020-2021 (summer to summer) USCA membership year, the adult fee was $40, and the Junior fee was $23 – USCA may lower or raise their fee at their discretion. HC members will be responsible for keeping their USCA membership current. Benefits include personal on-ice insurance, eligibility for USCA-sponsored bonspiels and events, eligibility for USCA certification programs (instructor, ice-crew, etc.), Curling News, and more.

How long does my membership last?

Before the summer of 2021, HC’s membership period was a specific time period (summer to the following summer). This is now changed to be an annual membership from the date of payment. You can join or renew at any time and your membership will be valid for a one year period. If membership fees are changed during your current membership period, the updated fee will be in effect when you renew.

Are membership dues tax-deductible?

Hollywood Curling is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Some contributions made directly to us may be tax-deductible, but we recommend that you consult a tax professional about your specific circumstances. You can see a breakdown of how we use your dues here, which may help for tax purposes.

What happened to the Dual Club membership?

We no longer have a separate category for Dual Club members because of the changes that USA Curling made to their membership system in 2021. USA Curling collects dues directly from members, and no longer charges extra for members who belong to multiple clubs. You can pay once for your USA Curling membership and join as many curling clubs as you want without paying additional dues to USA Curling.

Do you accept bitcoin? When will you offer your own cryptocurrency?

We have a 1,000 cryptocurrency minimum. (No, please do not send us your bitcoins – our storage closet is still full of GameStop shares). Please stay tuned for our announcement of CurlingCoin, the cryptocurrency that rocks your house and will sweep you away. Oh, who are we kidding, it probably won’t hack it.


Do you offer private parties for friends/family or work?

In the past, HC offered private parties at various locations in Valencia and Pasadena. However, with our new home at SCCC, we are pausing private parties. But don’t worry – SCCC will happily work with you to discuss and offer private parties at their facility – please contact them with any inquiries.

I want to try out curling, can I get a lesson to see what it’s like?

Yes! We strongly encourage anyone curious about curling to take a learn-to-curl (LTC) class. At this time, LTCs are offered and run by SCCC at their dedicated ice facility – please sign-up or contact them if interested.

You’ll be taught the basics and even play a mini-game! No equipment is needed (just tennis shoes or something similar and pants that can stretch).

In the future, especially around the Winter Olympics, HC will also offer LTCs at locations throughout Greater LA.