1) Teams of up to 5 may be created. Only 4 players may play in any game. The team fee will be 4 x the applicable rate (member or non-member). In the event of a team with members and non-members, the non-member rate will be paid for the number of non-members on the roster (i.e. 3 members and 2 non members, the fee will be 2 x Member Fee + 2 x Non-member fee)

2) Two roster players must be present and playing for games to count. In the event only 1 roster player is available to play, the game will be a forfeit, but shall still be played with available subs.

3) No roster changes after the 3rd week of league.

4) All subs not currently on a team roster in any league are required to pay the sub fee ($25/30). Each team is responsible for reporting their subs and ensuring sub fee has been paid. Any team playing with an unpaid sub may
forfeit their game.

5) Subs may skip a team, but a roster play must throw final stones.

6) Each team is responsible for locating their own subs via the sublist mailing list, the Yahoo Group, Facebook or whatever other method they choose. The league will not arrange subs for you.

7) If a roster spot is already paid for, the sub fee may be waived for:

a) a game that will be otherwise unplayable due to lack roster players

b) any board member

c) any member currently enrolled in a Hollywood Curling league.

8) If it is an empty roster spot without a regular member, the sub fee must be paid for.

Game Play, Set-up and Clean-up

1) The posted time on the league website is when ice prep is to begin. Members should arrive on time to help set up, including loading stones on the ice, ice prep and hanging scoreboards. Each sheet is responsible for loading their own stones onto the ice.

2) All players must be ready to play at the time indicated on the league page of If at least 2 roster players are present, the game must begin.

3) Each 15 minute interval a team is late, will forfeit an end with a score of one.

Example: If team A is ready to play at 6pm, but team B doesn’t show up until 6:15. The game will begin in End #2 with a score of Team A -1, Team B - 0.

4) Late players must wait until the start of the next end to enter the game.

5) If a team is playing with 3 players, the first two members throw 3 stones each and the Skip throws 2 stones.

6) The Free Guard Zone rule is in effect. The first 2 stones from each team cannot be taken out until the 5th stone unless they are in the house.

7) The vice skip from each team is responsible for reporting their scores. A score sheet will be posted near the entrance to the ice.

8) Each sheet is responsible for its own cleanup, including putting away the stones and hacks as well as clearing the scoreboard and putting it away. For the Sunday Early Draw each sheet must reset the stones and clear the

scoreboard for the next game.

Game Tie Breakers

1) For playoffs and league finals, if time allows, a full end shall be played.

2) For round robin games, a draw to the button will determine winner. Any player may throw the draw with sweepers. If neither team gets a scoring stone, it will repeat with another member throwing a draw.

3) In the event that there is no time left to fulfill any of the above mentioned requirements, the team winning the most ends will be declared the winner. If that does not decide a winner, a coin flip will be used to determine the result. The coin flip will be administered by the Vice Skips.


Ties in the standings will be determined in the following order:

1. Head to head match up results

2. Utica Points

3. Coin Toss

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